Clients tell me how envious they are when they hear I get off at 6! What they don’t know is that we do put in the extra hours to make our work perfect. But we’re different from advertising and production company stereotypes – regular hours, 5-day weeks and flexible work arrangements – all this while getting the job done well!

As a mother of two young children and Chief Operating Officer of Moving Bits, I need to be very effective at work to best manage my responsibilities at home. Here’s 3 workhacks I use to keep my day productive.


1. Time Management.
I keep a ‘to-do’ list which I update constantly. Meetings are scheduled at the beginning or the end of the day while calls are kept concise. I also remind myself that ‘everything has a solution’. That keeps me motivated and positive.

2. Trust and Delegate
It is important to trust my colleagues and not micro-manage them. I always welcome feedback if I’ve become overbearing or initiate a conversation with colleagues if they have been underperforming.

3. Breakfast!
Oh and did I mention a hearty breakfast? I always fuel my day with breakfast and allow myself an occasional treat like roti prata or curry puffs.